For a meeting planner, the decision on a speaker is one of the most important you can make. And usually it’s on someone you’ve never met or even heard speak. That’s why it’s key to bring someone in who understands why a speaker is hired, to bring real value to meeting.  

Dr Eisenbrown will inspire, motivate, entertain and educate your audience.  Her goal is to always have her audiences walk away with real actionable tools that they can implement immediately to  make more money, have more free time and and enjoy a more stress free life!


Although Dr. Eisenbrown still runs her own full-time practice, she is dedicated to helping other healthcare professional love their professions again!  We are losing far too many great practitioners who are leaving the profession from burnout and the overwhelming burdens now placed on us. It is imperative that we save our profession by saving the people who provide the care.  We are the healthcare system. Without well trained, compassionate and healthy caregivers, we don’t have a healthcare system! Dr. Eisenbrown’s powerful keynote speeches focus on real applicable solutions to helping physicians make more money, enjoy more free time and Love their profession again!

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