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Why Does Sex Hurt?

A Women's Guide to Eliminating Painful Sex For Good

Problems in the bedroom are not limited to erectile dysfunction in men. From all the ads on TV for erectile dysfunction medications, you would think that every man has this issue and that this it is the only problem between the sheets. You never hear or see any information about women and the sexual problems that we have. It is a shame. Women experience sexual problems with the same frequency as men, but they rarely get treated. 44 percent of women in this country will experience some degree of sexual dysfunction in their lifetime! That is almost half. Low desire is the most common one, but PAIN with intercourse is the most distressful. Approximately 20 percent of women will experience painful sex and it often is a chronic problem. It can destroy a relationship and do untold damage to a woman’s self-esteem. It can dramatically increase the risk of depression, also. Many believe that depression leads to sexual dysfunction, but the converse is also true. Women who have pain with intercourse are two-and-a-half times as likely to be depressed than the general population, and women who are unable to reach orgasm are over five times as likely to be depressed.


Sometimes I Laugh So Hard the Tears Run Down My Legs!

The Only Book You Need to Understand, Treat and Eliminate Incontinence

Incontinence steals the dignity and freedom from millions of women every year. Many have no idea that they have options for treatment and the average women waits for over 6 years to seek help. Many women feel isolated and alone and suffer in silence. Part of the problem is that incontinence is greatly misunderstood. For example, there are different types of incontinence. Knowing the type and cause of the incontinence is the first step. Once this is known we can explore the alternatives to various treatments based on the desires of the individual women. Many treatments options can be tried without a trip to the doctors office. This book is designed to help any woman understand what is happening with her body and what options she has to fix the problem. If you do ultimately decide to see a Urologist then you will be well informed before the visit so you can make the right decision for you.


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