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Physicians and other healthcare providers are being crushed by government regulation, insurance red tape, increasing need for our services and declining reimbursements.  Everyone I know in medicine now is actively looking for a way out. As rewarding as our professions are, we can only endure so much before the passion and compassion are crushed out of us.  I have seen many great physicians leave the profession. In my community alone, we lost a young orthopedic surgeon to suicide two years ago. Just this year one of the most highly read physicians I know retired at the age of 55 and another female colleague left medicine altogether and is now working for an IT company.  She made this change in her early 50’s. She is a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon! Do you know how many years of training that takes? These three examples alone represent at least 45 years of lost care and expertise to our community.

I believe in our healthcare system and I know that our healthcare system is entirely dependant on us, the healthcare provider.  It is my goal to advise other physicians out of the trap and back into loving their profession again. I have learned lots of techniques and practices that will help you build the dream practice with all your ideal patients.  I can teach you how to be more efficient, productive and profitable all while enjoying more free time. I still practice medicine full-time myself, so I am selective as to who I take on as a client, but if I can save even just a few professionals that would otherwise leave the profession than it is worth the time and commitment to help you!  If you are interested in strategic coaching then request a meeting where we can discuss your situation and how I can help you.


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